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Pediatric Foot Problems

Dr. Anavian has extensive experience and training in the care of children's foot problems. During his residency, Dr. Anavian was the Chief Resident for the Baja Project for Crippled Children and was responsible for running the Baja Projects clinics in Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico. He received extensive training in pediatric surgery of the foot and ankle as well as conservative care of pediatric deformities and pathology. Since his residency he has become one of the Co-directors of the Baja Project for Crippled Children.

Our office has extensive experience in treating problems that children have with their feet. Whether your child was born with foot problems or has developed problems due to sports or dance, our office can help your child stay active and keep them participating in the activities they love. We treat many children and teenagers who are having trouble doing sports or dance because of problems with their feet. We have many dancers and ballerinas who have benefited from treatment. If your child is having problems doing the activities they like to do, please call for a consultation. Foot pain is never normal.

Dr. Anavian can help your child with the following problems:

  • Dance injuries or pain (Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern dance).
  • Sports injuries or pain (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, etc.).
  • Flat feet, High Arch feet.
  • Child does not want to run or be active.
  • In or Out toeing.
  • Skin Conditions (Athletes foot, Warts, etc.).
  • Nail problems.