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Custom Orthotics

Custom made functional orthotics are one of the most valuable tools available in podiatry to combat foot pain and keep patient's active and pain free. Many times, custom made orthoses help patients avoid the need for more invasive treatments like surgery. The type of orthotics that are made by this office are unlike anything you can buy in a store. Our orthotics are custom made from an actual mold of your foot. In addition, the amount of correction in the orthotic is based on extensive measurements taken during your exam, analysis of your gait, and from your X-ray findings. The type of material used is also based on your foot condition, age, weight and symptoms. The ones bought over the counter or in specialty stores are the same for everyone.

We currently have been making a new type of custom made orthotic which is the most advanced on the market. This new type of orthotic gives full contact to the arch. These orthotics are unlike any others in that they are Calibrated to your body weight and flexibility. These orthotics are the most advanced on the market and we have found they are not only helping our patients foot pain, but also helping with their knee, leg and low back pain as well.

Custom Made Orthotics may help with the following conditions:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arch and Heel pain
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Knee Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Neuromas
  • Protect Diabetic Feet
  • Shin Splints
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: I have seen orthotics in stores and advertised on T.V., Why should I have custom made orthotics?

Answer: Over the counter orthotics are the same for everyone. They are based on shoe size. Any one with the same shoe size wears the same orthotic. Our orthotics are custom made to you, no one else could wear your orthotic. They are calibrated to your weight, your flexibility and designed to alleviate the problems you are having.

Question 2: Why should a Podiatrist make my orthotics?

Answer: A Podiatrist is uniquely qualified in this field. Podiatrists have extensive training in Biomechanics. A Podiatrist can prescribe an orthotic that will help with your problems. Also, a Podiatrist will be able to determine when other treatments may be needed in addition to orthotics. A Podiatrist will be better able to keep you active and on your feet.

Question 3: Why are custom made orthotics more expensive than the kind you find in stores?

Answer: Custom made orthotics are made to an actual mold or model of your foot. Also, Custom made orthotics are made from much better materials. Custom made orthotics will last much longer because of this. In addition, they will be just as corrective a year after you get them as on the first day. The kind you buy in stores wear out very quickly, after wearing for only one week, they will have already started to flatten out. A custom made orthotic will last for many years. In the long run, custom made orthotics are a great value.

Question 4: I have painful bunions and I do not want surgery at this time, will custom made orthotics help?

Answer: For most patients the answer is Yes. Custom made orthotics will not make your bunion smaller, but they will improve the function of the big toe joint. For most patients this will mean that their bunion pain gets much better and sometimes is completely resolved.

Question 5: Can I run and do sports in my orthotics?

Answer: Yes! Runners and all types of athletes find that orthotics help greatly with sports. They lessen fatigue and help prevent injuries.

Question 6: Can I wear the same orthotic for sports and everyday use?

Answer: Yes, most patients transfer their orthotic from their daily shoes to their athletic shoes. Some patients who are very active in a particular sport prefer to have a pair made just for that sport.

Question 7: Will my health insurance cover my orthotics?

Answer: Many insurance companies do cover orthotics. Coverage is based on your policy and diagnosis. Our office can help you in determining if orthotics are a covered service.